Football Uniforms

What would an Auburn uniform site be without documenting football much at all? That's where this page comes in. Please understand that these are as accurate as possible. Logo and patch placements are as close to accurate as possible. The Under Armour template cuts are correct, but the Russell uniforms are just deviations of the UA template.

A collection of bowl game uniforms can be found here.

2017-18 Season

2017 2018 auburn football sugar bowl braden smith daniel carlson tray matthews

2016-17 Season

auburn football 2016 sugar bowl

2015-16 Season

auburn football 2015 birmingham bowl

2014-15 Season

auburn football uniforms 2014 outback bowl
The Outback Bowl saw Auburn place the game patch in the same position as the BCS patch the previous year, underneath the Under Armour logo. This would be the second and final time the odd patch placement would occur with this 
Under Armour template. Freshman Jakell Mitchell was killed prior to the bowl game, so the team wore 
his number on their helmets during the Outback Bowl.

2013-14 Season

2013 auburn football uniforms bcs championship
The 2013-14 BCS Championship Game in Pasadena, California, saw the Tigers do something odd - place the game
patch below the makers mark on the chest. Typically, these patches go above the logo, between that and the TV 
numbers on the shoulders. The "WAR EAGLE" 'tramp stamp' was removed from the pants. The Tigers wore 
Breast Cancer Awareness decals on the helmets against Florida Atlantic, and the BCS logo against Florida State

2012-13 Season

2012 auburn football uniforms
The second year of the new Under Armour template saw the SEC go with a new league patch, league wide. Out was the old pennant logo and in was the new circular logo. The team wore Chick-fil-a Kickoff Game decals for 
the opening game, and a Military Appreciation decal for the game against Texas A&M.
 The SEC pennant decal also changed to the NCAA pennant.

2011-12 Season

2011 auburn football uniforms chick fil a bowl
A year after winning the National Championship, Under Armour provided Auburn with a new template that resulted in smaller nameplates, skinnier numbers, and, most notably, truncated pant stripes. Also, the shoulder stripes were narrower due to the cut of the jersey, and a "WAR EAGLE"  'tramp stamp' was placed on the rear of the pants, just below the belt line. The team wore  Chick-Fil-A Bowl decals on the back of their helmets for the game versus Virginia.

2010-11 Season

auburn football 2010 bcs national championship cam newton
The 2010 National Championship season was the final year for the original Under Armour template,
the same cut used since 2006, the first season with Under Armour provided uniforms. The BCS logo 
donned the helmets and the jersey for the National Championship Game.

2009-10 Season

The 2009-10 season saw SEC teams transition to a new SEC patch, slightly tweaked 
from the previous design. The new design also showed up on the helmets.

2008-09 Season

auburn football uniform 2008
SEC teams returned to the old pennant SEC patch after wearing the 75th Anniversary patch all of the previous season. 
Virgil Starks, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Student- Athlete Support Services, passed away on 
November 9, 2008. The football team wore memorial decals for Starks the last two games of the season.

2007-08 Season

auburn football uniform 2007 chick-fil-a bowl throwback uniforms
The 2007-08 season was the SEC's 75th Anniversary, so all athletic teams wore a special patch to commemorate.
Auburn also took the opportunity to throwback to the 1957 National Championship team,
wearing white jerseys  at home with helmets sans-AU logo and grey facemasks,
making this the most recent diversion from traditional uniforms for Auburn.

2006-07 Season

auburn football 2006 cotton bowl uniform
The first year of the brand new Under Armour contract saw some major changes. The template didn't change too terribly
much - still a similar cut, with some minor adjustments. The manufacturer logo and the SEC pennant logo switched 
sides from their placement during the Russell years. The font used for the nameplates changed to a more
Copperplate-like font. Also, for the Cotton Bowl that season, the bowl patch was placed where the SEC
patch is typically located, something you don't see much of anymore.

2005-06 Season

auburn football 2005 uniform capital one bowl
The final season under the Russell Athletics era saw a new set of  blue uniforms, matching the white uniforms
from the year before.  The SEC patch returned to the chests, something that had been missing for many years 
now. Also, the Capital One Bowl placement was oddly enough a precursor to where Auburn 
would place bowl patches nearly a decade later - below the manufacturer's logo.

2004-05 Season 

auburn football uniform 2004 sugar bowl

2003-04 Season

2003 auburn football music city bowl

2002-03 Season

2002 auburn football capital one bowl

2001-02 Season

auburn football uniform 2001 chickfila bowl

2000-01 Season

auburn football 2000 uniform citrus bowl

1999-00 Season 

auburn football 1999 uniform
New Head Coach Tommy Tuberville's first line of action was to trash the drop shadow uniforms.
Also gone are the SEC patches and Tiger Eyes on the pants.

1998-99 Season

auburn football 1998 uniform drop shadow
The final season of the orange drop shadow experiment was not too kind to the Tigers, on the field and aesthetically. The pennant SEC logo was added for the first time, although there wasn't a standard criteria for its placement. The team also wore the Tiger Eye logo on the pants, which is one of the very few times an Auburn Athletic team actually wore this logo

1997-98 Season

Auburn's white jerseys would relocate the Russell Athletic logo from the shoulders to the right chest to match the blue tops.

1996-97 Season

The biggest design change in the modern history of Auburn football came prior to the 1996-97 season, when head coach
Terry Bowden made the decision to add the now-infamous orange drop-shadow to the uniforms. The Russell Athletic
logo would appear on every jersey for the first time, but be located in different locations on the uniform.
Many players wore the logo on the right shoulder, above (or on) the shoulder
stripe, similar to the current NFL logo placement.

1995-96 Season

The 1995-96 season saw the addition of the AU logo "button" on the collar, a design aspect that would stick
with the Tigers for nearly a decade. The Russell Athletic logo would see a few different placements 
throughout the team, ultimately moving to the left chest for the bowl game.

1994-95 Season

Following the 11-0 1993 season, Auburn transitioned to a slightly different uniform. For the most part, it was identical
to the previous set. The only differences would be the Russell logo donning the jersey - sometimes in
different locations for different players - and a new font for the nameplates.

1993-94 Season

1992-93 Season

The 1992-93 season marked the 100th anniversary of Auburn football, so the team wore a patch to commemorate the milestone. Oddly enough, the same patch was worn on both the home and away jerseys, rather than 
having a  separate patch to match the blue of the home jerseys. Nameplates 
would also be worn all season for the first time.

1991-92 Season

1990-91 Season

1989-90 Season

1988-89 Season

1987-88 Season

1986-87 Season





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